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OIL & STEEL, Italy is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of equipments for various utilities, with maximum flexibility and compatibility across the global working environment. The local adaptability has made it the most favoured and dependable brand.

PMS prides itself in representing OIL & STEEL – Italy, for sales, spares and services of their wide range of Ariel Platform products across India.

PMS is engaged in the area of Construction Equipment Rental and sales across India, and a direct service provider in Pile Foundation, RMC and other related services. PMS has a good number of OIL & STEEL units already in service in India under Rental Scheme. These makes us the ideal strategic promoter for the sales and services of OIL & STEEL products, moreover PMS has its own in-house team of operators, engineers and maintenance personnel to provide dependable service.

The recent and upcoming growth in the vertical construction segment in India, and the need for the right equipment to provide construction, maintenance and emergency services has shown a rise in demand specifically in the quality of manoeuvre and the safety factor. OIL & STEEL is the perfect manufacturer meeting specific demands with a fleet of self propelled and vehicle mounted ariel working platforms.

To make the equipment competitive and low on maintenance PMS along with OIL & STEEL offers the option of truck mountable kits of select models, these enable you to have the vehicle of your choice which can be maintained at the local facility by having to call upon our services and spares only for the mounted equipment, also cutting down on breakdown time.

PMS is already represented across India pursuing its own business activities, simultaneously more sub-dealers are being added to provide professional coordination and quality service in unrepresented areas, with specific focus on support-in-time policy. PMS intends to equip construction, maintenance and emergency services in the sectors of industrial construction, hospitals, entertainment, commercial complexes, civic authorities, armed forces, airports and similar segments.

PMS is committed to providing training skilled operators to manoeuvre and operate an equipment on a on-demand basis, to make the buying from PMS a trouble-free experience.



Aerial platform installed on a self propelling tracked vehicle, designed for aerial access and work at a height where a wheeled vehicle cannot be used, i.e. steep or sandy terrain, areas that are difficult to access or with reduced dimensions and areas with a low concentrated specific capacity (such as floors of garages or basements).


It is made entirely of aluminium and to provide the operators with easy access, it has a generously proportioned front opening that is guarded by a bar that shuts through the force of gravity. The platform has a rapid release that enables the space that is occupied during transit of the equipment to be minimised. The support structure of the platform is in turn provided with a further system for reducing the length of the machine. To reduce the length, loosen the 4 bolts and overturn the support structure. The operators' platform has an access ladder that enables the platform to be accessed even when the machine has been stabilised, thus ensuring the legally prescribed degree of accessibility



High Quality Tabular and sheet steel structure bolted onto the vehicle chassis. Provided with four stabilizer feet, the front two of which are mounted on hydraulically extendible stabilizer arms with the end part boxed for vertical descent. At the rear, two stabilizers boxed for vertical descent. The frame has a non slip aluminium work platform and a ladder on the side giving access to the platform and any requested optional. This panelling continues on the two side parts of the outfitting, to protect the machine's basic equipment.


The EAGLE Series telescopic equipment for aerial work, created to allow overhead work, offers a considerable reach and features a telescopic jib attached to the top of the last section of the base telescopic arm, which allows:

  • The ability to load and climb onto the platform in any position
  • Obstacles to be manoeuvred around at heights
  • Full use of the work area
  • Extreme precision when approaching objects at heights
  • Extremely small footprint during carriage

Eagle s

Arc welded tubular aluminium frame, with hydraulic widthways extension to provide considerably larger work front. Equipped with access gates featuring spring closure and lock, hydraulic rotation of 180° to the right and 180° to the left with respect to the arm (to be able to line up with the work front), levelling using a hydraulic actuator with automatic electronic control and manual emergency functions.

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